Disregard locally acquired Lemon Pepper flavoring. The most ideal approach to make natively constructed Lemon Pepper Chicken is with lemon pizzazz (no juice!), dark pepper, garlic and olive oil. Straightforward, fragrant and flavorful. Make this with any cut of chicken you need, flame broil it, heat it or burn it.

Now and again, the easiest of thoughts end up being annoyingly hard to accomplish. All I needed was to make a custom made Lemon Pepper Chicken i.e. without utilizing a parcel of Lemon Pepper flavoring.



Making a custom made Lemon Pepper flavoring to sprinkle onto chicken requires ease back preparing lemon pizzazz to dry it out before blending with salt and pepper. So basically making an enhanced salt.

Be that as it may, I needed something I could make this evening, any night, spontaneously. Since Lemon Pepper Chicken is certainly a midweek-supper sort nourishment, wouldn’t you say? Something you ought to have the capacity to make at this moment.

For reasons unknown, finding an alternate way method for making a chicken with a genuine lemon season (i.e. not simply lemon harsh flavor) wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be on account of the genuine lemon season in lemons is not in the juice, it’s in the get-up-and-go. The juice is somewhat lemony, however for the most part it is acrid. In any case, Lemon Pepper Chicken is not harsh or even tart.

So in any case, I won’t take you through the different techniques I endeavored before arriving on “the formula”. Suffice to state the test was making sense of a simple approach to get the get-up-and-go and pepper to really adhere to the chicken, alongside garlic (or onion) powder for additional flavor.

So this is the means by which I do it: blend pizzazz and olive oil to make a rub, slather it onto the chicken, then dunk into flour prepared with pepper, garlic (or onion) powder and salt.

Not a drop of lemon squeeze in sight. Simply because I needed to repeat locally acquired lemon pepper flavoring which is not tart. You can include a crush of lemon juice into the lemon get-up-and-go slather (is that what it’s called??). Be that as it may, a tad. Since I find that the way to getting the lemon pizzazz to adhere to the chicken is to just utilize a touch of oil. An excessive amount of oil and the get-up-and-go just keeps running off.

I don’t utilize the lemon juice for the flavoring however what I get a kick out of the chance to do is cut it up and sauté it, incompletely for topping and furthermore to give individuals the alternative to press some over the chicken.

A custom made rendition of lemon pepper chicken made without locally acquired lemon pepper flavoring. It tastes amazing – crisp, fragrant with stunning flies of warmth from the pepper. No marinating time required. Incredible for pork and fish as well! Cooking video here. 🙂

Creator: Nagi | RecipeTin Eats

Formula sort: Dinner

Serves: 4


2 chicken bosoms (~250 – 300g/8 – 10oz each)

2 lemons (Note 1)

1 tbsp olive oil

3 tbsp flour

½ – ¾ tsp salt

2½ tsp split dark pepper (change in accordance with taste) (Note 2)

½ tsp garlic powder (or sub with onion powder) (Note 3)


1 tbsp olive oil

New parsley, for embellishment


Sliced the chicken down the middle on a level plane to make 2 steaks. Discretionary: pound to make them even thickness around 1cm/2/5″ thick (I do this).

Pizzazz the lemons to make 1½ – 2 tbsp lemon get-up-and-go. Abstain from grinding excessively of the white part – it’s sharp.

Put pizzazz into bowl with 1 tbsp olive oil and blend to join. Include chicken and utilize your hands to slather oil blend onto chicken.

Blend flour, salt, pepper and garlic powder in a shallow bowl.

Plunge chicken into flour blend, shaking to evacuate abundance.

Warm oil in a skillet over medium high warmth. Cook chicken for 2 minutes or until brilliant on each side.

Discretionary: Slice zested lemon and cook the cuts, as envisioned.

Serve chicken, decorated with crisp parsley if utilizing.


1. You require enough lemons to make around 1½ – 2 tbsp of lemon pizzazz. 2 medium size lemons is generally enough.

2. I make broke pepper utilizing my mortar and pestle to generally break entire peppercorns since I like huge flies of dark pepper. You can simply utilize a coarse pepper processor. On the off chance that you just have fine ground pepper (like the pepper that comes pre-ground), just use around ¾ tsp.

3. Choice to blend minced garlic into lemon get-up-and-go slather as opposed to utilizing powder. I favor powder since it has a smoother enhance complete, more much the same as locally acquired flavoring.

4. This formula likewise works awesome with pork and fish. It’s excessively fragile for sheep and hamburger, as I would like to think.


Serving size: 141g Calories: 291 cal Fat: 11.6g Saturated fat: 1.0g Unsaturated fat: 10.6g Trans fat: 0g Carbohydrates: 5.6g Sugar: 0g Sodium: 436 mg Fiber: 0.5g Protein: 41.0g Cholesterol: 107mg

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